4. Why Vita? 1/8 – TABOO

Death (...) says: I exist, if anyone wants to learn from me, he must come to me. Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher

The very last taboo?

If there were one last taboo in the Netherlands, it surely is death.

A vast majority of people do not want to or cannot talk about it.

We fear it and push the fear away, ignoring it. Until we are confronted with it in some way.

Then suddenly a very unpleasant, especially uncomfortable feeling creeps up on us.

Anyone who dares to face their own finiteness and can talk about it is an absolute exception. The Netherlands is saturated in so many ways, but there is still a world of improvement left when it comes to dealing with this taboo…

The solution

This is the ‘why’ behind a unique online experience about your life in contrast to the end. Short and intense, yet complete.

How? Through online participation in The Last Hour Experience; a digital mirror for your life.

I help you begin with the end; to find out in the here and now what is really important to you.

It is personal, because it is not a narrative on death in general, nor is it about who all see your participation in The Last Hour Experience at that moment.

So it is definitely not a show. But it is about you. Only you.

To wake you up and make you look in the mirror. Are you secretly dormant, or are you alert and awake?

A general view of death only confuses the mind to think, as does wanting to experience something in general. Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher

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