9. FOMO? Yes, You Will

We want to, but we just can’t.

The fear of missing out is stronger than our willpower.

Automatism takes over; the brain sends us into ever deeper conditioned patterns to the screen more often than we would like to.

As slaves to our habits, we give in to them and the more we do so, the harder it becomes to escape them.

This requires a deep consciousness.

After all, we don’t want to use our phones while driving, but we just can’t stop ourselves from having a look – react – follow – know.

The truth is that by continuously living in this unconscious state of deeply entrenched fear, that same fear will always become reality.

With our faces glued to our phones, we constantly – all day long – miss the preciousness of every moment.

But we will only realise this, when we have awakened.

For the paradigm in which we live forms our consciousness. 

But consciousness determines the paradigm in which we live.

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