11. Wrong Trend

Today’s news (1 December 2022):

“A quarter report psychological problems” The Trimbos Institute says that considerably more Dutch people are struggling with psychological problems than a few years ago. In a study, 26% say they are dealing with, for example, depression, excessive alcohol or drug use or an anxiety disorder. In 2009 it was 18%. Young adults in particular report complaints more often. 44 percent of students now say they have had a disorder, twice as many as 13 years ago. The causes have not been investigated, but according to Trimbos performance pressure and individualisation may play a role. The research was before and during corona, but that did not yield any differences. Source: NOS Teletekst (The Netherlands)

A trend in the wrong direction. Mental resilience seems to become a necessity more and more in today’s fast-paced society, while we don’t learn this at school.

With influences from all sides, all day long, a conscious life becomes a necessity. Mental hygiene a requirement.

Otherwise, we become anxious, and/or flee into quick fixes such as binge watching, junk food, alcohol, drugs, gaming, gambling, p0rn, seeking recognition in: social media/ status symbols/ dating apps, etc., creating a destructive pattern for ourselves. An escape from our feelings in real life. A temporary filling of the void.

But it is an illusion: one void filled by another, which makes us feel even emptier afterwards.

Can we actually still feel?

Difficult when we are on our phone all day. Yet therein lies the key. Embrace and acknowledge the gloomy feelings. Don’t run from it, but don’t linger and engulf in it either. But be honest with yourself and deliberately break the pattern.

Then the road to the top has already been started.

Performance pressure and individualization as possible causes of the problems of our time. See more about this: Blog 3. WHY NOW?

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