15. Defeated or Empowered

Schaduw van een meisje gezien van achteren, ze steekt haar rechter arm omhoog en balt haar vuist; een krachtige pose. In de verte tegenover haar, ziet ze haar eigen spiegelbeeld - ook als schaduw - maar dan een andere pose, namelijk een hartelijke welkomstgroet met open armen

Losing someone in our lives can be a heartbreaking experience and it is something we can carry with us for life.

But would that person have wanted it to always be colored with sadness and pain? What if we would eventually…

if you would be empowered by the person
 you’ve lost?

if you would let them shape your purpose
 and shape your life?

if you would be more gratful for the time you had with them
 than the time that you didn’t?

if you would let go of the pain,
 because you have found something you value more?

if you would honor this person,
 by doing what you know you should?

if this person would remain in your heart forever
 and would fuel you forward in your new mission?

if that would help other people in their challenges,
 so that you actually make a difference?

Would that…
change it all?

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