2. Regret?

Have you ever had that you would like to go back in time and do things differently?


…of things you have not done.

Or…that you would have done differently knowing what you know today.

Coldplay released a heartbreaking song about it: The Scientist.

It is about a scientist who worked so much that he neglected love. It cost him his relationship.

The realisation of that mistake hurts him so much that he wants to go back to the beginning, to do it all over again…but this time do it right.

The video clip is played backwards.

Chris Martin – the front singer – took a month to record the lyrics backwards so that his lips are in sync with the text you hear.

Don’t we all have moments like that?

That we want to play time backwards, for a second chance.

Unfortunately, no one can rewind time.

So, what is possible? Seizing the time ahead with both hands.

And even more than that.
We are going to manipulate time anyway. To our advantage.

We bring the future forward.

With the biggest lever of them all: facing our finitude here.

Living from truth; awake and aware.

And therefore, live in such a way now that we don’t have to rewind time later.

Then it is good as it is. That is why our slogan is:

Begin with the end in mind

This avoids wasting precious time.

Because you are trapped in a numbed life, addicted to stimuli.

And stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.

I help you to wake up. In the most powerful way possible.

And help you to create a flourishing life.

That is a life in which you realise vividly what really matters to you.

And can consciously act upon it every day.

Start as soon as possible, because every life has a deadline.

And even if we don’t want to think about it too much, yours and mine too…

Nothing is worse than having to sing a lament at the end of it, like the scientist in The Scientist:

“Nobody said it was easy.
It’s such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy.
No one ever said it would be this hard.
Oh, take me back to the start”

The seconds tick away.

Do not waste valuable time.


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