3. Why NOW? 3/5 – ABUSED

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Monsters everywhere

We are saddled with a self-created ruthless monster that has been deeply integrated into society in a short period of time and we cannot get rid of easily.

Not surprisingly, there is no escape because the biggest companies in the world with the smartest people, are constantly working to keep us as addicted as possible.

We need to keep getting our shots of dopamine through stimuli of attention and reward. Otherwise, we feel restless and unloved.

Significantly, former executives in senior positions of tech giants themselves very deliberately stopped using their own apps and services after leaving the company.

They knew the danger to the mental and emotional condition better than anyone else and dared to acknowledge it after terminating their employment.

When the phone was tied with a wire - Humans were free

Users used

We have already become – consciously or unconsciously – a suffering object in which we are used as users.

In which our privacy is increasingly invaded in numerous ways. More and more applications of devious attention manipulation.

Posts filtered by algorithms on our own timeline, so we only get to see what we should like, instead of being allowed to decide for ourselves.

As a result, we get a one-sided, one-dimensional worldview and the culture of “us versus them” is reinforced.

Not at all good for ourselves and society.

Catchy sounds, red dots, blue ticks, reminder messages. We should not lose screen attention for too long.

The more often we check and the longer we do so, the more money is made.

At the expense of being in the moment. Of enjoying without distraction. Of being productive. Of being efficient with our precious time. Of being able to let thoughts flow for a while. Of recharging our brain’s ‘Default Mode Network’; giving us ideas in the shower and on a walk.

Of inspiration. Of creativity. Of relaxation. Of our relationships with real people around us. Of our well-being.

Yes, at the expense of a lot.

We don’t realize it because almost everything seems free. But we do pay a price. And that price is high.

The price paid is…ourselves.

Timeline end refrain,
final chord.

for those who dare
to begin with the
Looking back at
the later
Unaware of how much time
will have been
Highly likely:
constantly scrolling through a never-ending
continuously witnessing other people’s
posed, directed, filtered
displayed, tyrannical text urges
so all day long,
descending again and again,
to the screen of our device;
dulled, steadily manipulated,
ignorantly suffering, leading to nothing, but
having very little
to do with the

Julian van der Wouden – Vita Florentis

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