4. Why Vita? 4/8 – THE KEY

Kick in the butt

The chances of becoming an astronaut who also gets to go on a space journey are slim. Near-death experiences are rare.

And even though you can buy space travel these days, fortunately, you don’t need either of these things to get the same rich realisation and permanently transform your life through an all-changing experience.

Vita Florentis – The Last Hour Experience is here to provide you with that experience. For you as a big stick.

Put more flatly: a kick in the butt. Sometimes confrontational and painful, but extremely effective. Just that push you need.


If there is anything that is crucial to our moment-to-moment well-being and happiness in general, it is appreciation.

Not external appreciation – although as a basic human need that also plays a role – but appreciation from one’s own perception. Appreciation for everything that comes our way. But in any case, appreciation of what already is, versus longing for what is missing:

Indeed, the latter creates a never-ending uneasiness and an insatiable hunger; it will never be enough, no matter what or how much of something comes your way. The standard simply slides along unnoticed and is slowly but steadily shifted.

Appreciation is the escape from striving for always something else and for always more.

True enjoyment of life is only possible if you can live utterly in the moment and have the skill to enjoy things independently.

Something that in this day and age with so many stimuli and the well-nigh obsessive, addictive digital sharing urge has become increasingly challenging. But it does not make us happy.

Real appreciation can only be felt. Rational appreciation does not work; you have to experience it and feel the emotions.

The Last Hour Experience consists of an intense reflection on one’s own life. This is where the basis of an intense and lasting appreciation of life in a broad sense emerges.


And that deepest appreciation is gratitude. The key to inner calm and peace. And so much more.

Those who live from gratitude – and fortunately this can be learned – attract love, success and happiness.

Because it is living from truth. From who we really are, without our limiting beliefs, years of conditioning and negative thoughts.

Gratitude leads to more gratitude. Gratitude leads to abundance.

Because in a life of gratitude, abundance is already present.

Fun or passion?

Besides gratitude as a crucial part of life happiness, feeling like you are living a meaningful life is also very important.

Doing what is your passion is the cliché of our time and is almost naturally associated with liking something.

But passion is much broader than ‘fun’. Your passion does not have to be fun all the time. Nor can it be.

Passion originally means ‘agony’ (think of Bach’s famous St Matthew Passion – German: Mattäus-Passion – which tells the Passion of Christ).

This does not mean that your passion is necessarily a way of suffering, but rather that you are willing to suffer for it, and in that sense it is something you consider so important that you are even willing to die for it (like Christ did).

Living a passionate life, then suddenly becomes: living a life that matters substantially to you. It is a meaningful life because it is what is urgent and important to you.

Top priority.

It is as if your life is in the service of a higher and more encompassing purpose and that gives great satisfaction that goes far beyond the superficial ‘fun’. It is a mission and life as you live it carries that out.

As a living example.

"A man should not ask himself what the meaning of life is, but face that he is asked that question by life itself. He can only answer that by taking responsibility for his own life. The meaning of our existence must come from within." Viktor Frankl - Man's Search For Meaning
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