5. Time

“What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us” 

Queen – Who Wants to Live Forever


What is time?

The ancient Greeks had two words for the concept of time:

1. Chronos; the chronological and measurable clock time. Quantitative in nature.

2. Kairos; the time of experience. Subjective and qualitative. Sometimes hours feel like seconds. And vice versa. It is the time you experience in the ‘FLOW’. Or actually you do not experience time. And there is only ‘being’.

“Time is flying by” indicates the discrepancy between experience time and clock time. Because the latter simply passes by at a rate of one second per second.

With the passage of time (1. Chronos), ‘time’ (2. Kairos) seems to go faster and faster. Is it because we are getting older and that we have fewer new experiences, or because of our increasingly hurried, stimulating and more demanding society?

“My mission is to touch the soul, and I won’t settle for less.”

Kairos or Chronos?

What is living with time?

Time is our inescapable companion,
on our journey.

But is it a friend,
or is it an enemy?

Time waits for no one,
and will not be rushed.

Time leads our pace.
Time determines. Every time.

Often time goes by too fast,
sometimes too slowly.

Excruciatingly slow;
time-consuming lesson in patience.

Time is always imperturbable.
Resistance is counterproductive.

Everything in due time.

Steady, always forward.
There is no going back.

Dare to say goodbye and move on.
Don’t linger, always move on.

Accepting and bending along.
Trusting, being in the moment.

The insight will come,
with time.

Our remaining time shorter,
the insights deeper.

That is living with time.

Julian van der Wouden – Vita Florentis

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