4. Why Vita? 7/8 – CHECKMATE

One, or several boards of chess?

Who knows, maybe that meaning is not even in a higher and encompassing goal, but for you – for now – it is as concrete as regaining the right balance in your life.

Because how hard is it to keep the right balance?

Suppose we divide life into:

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Work & career
  3. Money & financial stability
  4. Love & relationship
  5. Children & family
  6. Friends & social life
  7. Time management & effectiveness
  8. Relaxation & development

Often we see that we can excel very well in one or a few of these different areas, but we have to recognize that with that comes an imbalance.

Working 60-70 hours a week for your career is not that difficult.

Playing chess on 1 board is uncluttered. We can play a high-level game on that.

But what about playing good chess on 5-8 boards at the same time? Much harder.

A perfect game of chess on 2 boards does not make much sense if we suffer big losses on the other boards. After all, those keep us most busy. And when not now, then certainly later.

Those losses largely determine our quality of life. Or lack thereof.

So better we would be ‘just good’ at 8.

That gives a peace of mind. Satisfaction.

Bucket of water for a daydreamer

So many people live in a constant trance; they live dormant.

Dulled by habits, laziness and addictive technology.

Awakening from that requires a very stimulating method. Unorthodox.

A cold splash of water in the face.

The Last Hour Experience is that bucket of water for you.

"(...) death gives life force like nothing else, there is nothing else that makes you so wide awake." Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher

Begin with the end

In the world-famous book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, ‘Habit 2’ is referred to as: “Begin with the end in mind”.

To know how to live a fulfilled life, we must first visualise how we would like to die.

Who do we want to have become as human beings and what do we want to have accomplished?

What is said about us and how are we remembered?

Think about how you want to look back on your life later.

Chances are that endlessly scrolling through your timeline on social media, liking, swiping and looking restlessly at your phone all day long, like slaves to shots of dopamine every time, have nothing to do with your answer.

Once you have identified what you want to have done by the end of your life – something that is meaningful to you – you can determine how you will act on it every day starting now.

You then have such a strong ‘YES’ that you can convincingly and purposefully say ‘no’ to all the noise and distractions that come your way every day.

Vita Florentis helps you determine that for yourself and make it a reality.

THAT is a Flourishing Life.

(...) and the only meaning of that statement is: to give retroactive effect tot the thought of death, to make it an incentive in life. For with the decree of death it is over, and the uncertainty of death looks on at every moment. Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher

7 Kierkegaard (1845), 2011, p.101.

8 Kierkegaard (1845), 2011, p.124.

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