3. Why NOW? 5/5 – TIMELESS


The question “What is the best way to live my life?” is a universal and timeless theme so, in that sense, not susceptible to trends.

That it is now very popular is partly because of the crumbling of traditional institutions and partly because of the vastly increased findability of anything anyone searches for.

Technology is hugely accessible and it has become the norm of the masses. Anyone who does not participate is an outsider. Collective addiction to that technology, does nothing to diminish an abiding need to fulfil a life as fulfilled as possible.

What’s more: because you can find anything online nowadays, as well as being confronted with it – solicited or unsolicited – all day long, everything we see also seems doable or achievable.

It certainly is, but the truth is: not for everyone. We see extremes, so it doesn’t apply to the majority. And on top of that, we are constantly shown directed, manipulated images and stories. It is a filtered and distorted truth.

So, this is where an ever-increasing discrepancy arises. We constantly mirror ourselves against people who ‘have made it’ and utopian ideal pictures, and link that to a condition for future happiness. We wonder why we fail.

And when we do succeed, sometimes we still feel empty. Because it’s a conditional illusion.

All the conditions for happiness are already within us.

But are we pursuing the right thing?

The backlash against an increasingly dynamic, even hectic, society makes us long to go back to basics through inner reflection.

All this requires: help, interpretation, answers, coaching and inspiration.

Vita Florentis offers that by holding up a metaphorical mirror to you through the unique experience of The Last Hour Experience.

The Last Hour Experience is about getting back to the core. Away from the noise and the delusion of modern life. About being honest with yourself, and about real connection.

In which we dare to be vulnerable and let our hearts speak. It’s about authenticity.

Away from all the nice-weather stories, away from the facade; from appearances and from all the digital images of our perfect alter-egos on social media.

True connection has become rare.

But is most valuable.

I am convinced that Vita Florentis with The Last Hour Experience is a perfect fit in these hectic times, when we are being controlled by the very devices and platforms we had designed to serve us…

NOW is the time for it and it’s very topical, but:

Once upon a time there was an emperor who, in observance of all outward ceremony, allowed himself to be burried. That whole undertaking of his may have been just a mood, but to witness your own death, to witness the coffin being closed, to witness that everything that in a wordly and earthly way fills your senses ceases in death: that is serious. Dying is the fate of every human being and in that respect it is only a breeze. But to be able to die well is actually the highest wisom of life. What is the difference? Is it not in this: in the one case the gravity is that of death, in the other it is the seriousness of those who are subject to death. And the speech that makes the difference cannot be addressed to a dead man, but to a living one. Søren Kierkegaard - Danish philosopher

…is essentially a theme of all times.

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